Two in a Million: The Ebook Is Here

You can now read me on your iPhone (or Kindle, or laptop, or other electronic device)!

Five years ago, Two in a Million: A True Story about Illness and Love was launched. Publishers A&A Farmar have now made the memoir available as an ebook, with an updated preface chatting about developments since, and including a link to the award-winning short film based on the book, Two Suitcases. The ebook is available at Amazon and Smashwords.

For those of you who are not yet ‘with it’, you can still buy the paperback of Two in a Million right here.

Praise for Two in a Million

‘Riveting and beautifully written’ – Sunday Independent

‘Fascinating and emotionally charged . . . peppered with humour and an almost unsettling level of honesty . . . This is a remarkable story of an erudite young man’s fight for life’ – Evening Echo

‘Inspiring . . . exceptionally moving’ – Ireland’s Own

‘Vivid . . . a remarkable balance between offering a memoir of life with a chronic illness and a memoir of a life simply lived’ – Irish Independent